Jairus Tonel is a painter living and working on the sunny side of the world—California. Formally a creative director from an advertising background, Jairus has now focused all of his attention into his paintings, incorporating American icons juxtaposed with neo-romanticism, expressionism and satirical jargon. Jairus has been actively showing his work for the last 10 years in locations from all over the United States as well as the United Kingdom.
Jairus primarily works with gouache inks on either wood panel or canvas, though he has slowly moved towards found and vintage paper to further enhance the environments of his works and the ever growing story he tells in each and every painting. In keeping himself busy Jairus involves himself with commission work for various companies, showing in solo and group exhibition as well as doing as many pro bono work for local and independent companies and persons.
Such companies that he has had the privilege to work for are: Rolling Stone Magazine, Rugged Magazine, JDK Design, Burton Snowboards, NY Times, Time, MTV Europe, and MTV Asia.
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