5 x 7 in (12 x 17 cm)
Mixed Media on Wood
The Hoya Mathilde is also called the Hoya Mathilde Variegata or the Hoya Mathilde Splash because of the silver specks that are lightly splashed over the plant’s green foliage.
This is a cultivated hoya plant that’s bred from crossing a Hoya carnosa and a Hoya serpens. And in a way, its care is a mix of the two.
That is, it is not as hard to care for nor fussy as the Hoya serpens. But not as easy as the Hoya carnosa either.
In any case, the Hoya Mathilde is a epiphyte that has small, round shaped foliage that have light speckling. If you look at the undersides of the leaves, you’ll notice they’re a bit fuzzy as well.
In the warm months, they plant will also produce clusters of fragrant, fuzzy, white flowers that have pink middles.
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